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Our goal at Nazarian Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is to listen to your concerns about your appearance and help you achieve your aesthetic goals that make you feel as beautiful as you look. Our team of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons is dedicated to achieving natural-looking results, whether from proven safe and effective plastic surgery procedures or non-surgical treatments.

Why Choose Nazarian Plastic Surgery?

  • Board certified, highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who listens
  • Dedicated to achieving natural-looking results
  • We provide high level of safety and plastic surgery care
  • We help achieve your aesthetic goals
  • Knowledgable and Caring Staff
  • Excellent and World-Class Plastic Surgery Service and Care

What Our Clients Say

After having a facelift procedure elsewhere years ago, I felt asymmetric. I went to Dr. Nazarian hoping for an improvement. Luckily, she was able to straighten me out and more! She used some Botox to even out my eyebrows. She injected filler in my cheeks and temples to make me look younger and more symmetric. I was so afraid to look unnatural and weird but I couldn’t be happier. Customer for life!
Angela Y., Los Angeles, CA
I always had a hard time breathing through my nose and blamed it on allergies. Now that I have had nose surgery my breathing is so much better. As a active professional athlete this is crucial for my sport and my future modeling career :p I’m sure this will not be my last surgery since I fight for a living but I feel safe in Dr. Nazarians care. I highly recommend her to anyone.
James M. aka Moon Walker
Today is post op day 1 from when Sheila battled (and won) against my juicy cyst. Not only did she contact me to make sure I’m not in pain (I didn’t want pain meds because I’m a preggo who is about to pop) but my incision is relatively pain free. The only reason I remembered I had something removed is when I saw the clean steri-strips in the mirror… My incision site looks clean, I feel minimal pain. I’m so happy I went to see Sheila.
Bonnie C., Los Angeles, CA, Avada
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