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As we age, we lose fat in our soft tissues which gives us a deflated, gaunt look not just in our faces, but our hands. With fat grafting, our own fat can be repleted in our hands and faces to rejuvenate and give natural, youthful results. Although used in hands and faces, fat can be grafted to any area of the body that needs filling such as scars, areas of over-liposuction, breasts, etc. Fat is liposuctioned from an area of excess, rinsed in a sterile fashion, and injected to the area of need.


If you look at the face of a child, it looks like an upside-down egg. As we age, our faces lose fat in the temporal and cheek areas, making out faces more pear-shaped. Returning fat to the temples and cheeks not only restores a more youthful shape of the face but also naturally lifts sagging skin, reducing laughlines, marionette lines and jowls. In some cases, a facelift can be avoided with fat grafting and in other cases, fat grafting is used along with a facelift.


Aging hands have spots, prominent tendons and veins. Fat grafting can be used to fill in the areas around and over these structures to reduce their prominence, just as they are in youth. A peel can be used on the hands to fade spots. The results are hands that keep your age a secret! For those that have only mild aging of the hands, we recommend Lumiquin hand cream.

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Dr.Sheila Nazarian is the best plastic surgeon overall. I have never met such a nice, professsional and humble doctor like her.I had breast augmentation 5 days ago and I’m feeling great.Wow what a great experience with Dr . Nazarian. She is wonderful and very caring thru the whole process. Thanks Dr. Sheila Nazarian for changing my appearance and helping me with every question I had. I totally recommend her to anyone who is looking for an excellent Dr. If I would of known about her before, I would of done this procedure years ago.This is my first time writing a review, but I had to share this experience because I know there are people looking for a good Dr they can trust. I am truly very happy with Dr . Nazarian. Again thank you very much for doing such a great job.
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Dr. Sheila Nazarian is the a 5 star plastic surgeon! I had a growing scalp mass above my left ear, kinda like a cyst, she told me it was called lipoma. Anyway she removed the cyst in her office even when I was told by other doctors that it had to be done at a hospital which is more cost full and inconvenient for your wallet. She’s a great doctor and definitely recommend anyone to visit her office, her receptionist is on point and is very kind, helpful, and welcoming when visiting the office or calling about your appointment.
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Besides being a great surgeon, Dr Nazarian carries a line for PREGNANT women called Spa Momma which is made-in-the-USA with no lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and no pregnancy-contraindicated aromatherapy oils!!!!!! I am obsessed with the body oil and the body scrub! I was having some major itching issues and I tried everything but nothing really helped. Then I tried the itchies body oil and it was the first relief I had had in months and I have no stretch marks!!!!!!!! Dr Nazarian is so up to date and science based and is willing to take time and help you out no matter what you issue is!!! I love her professionalism and recommend 110%!
Nu H., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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